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Nairs Academy

Aminabad, Lucknow

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Description of Nairs Academy, Aminabad, Lucknow

Nair’s Academy was established by Mr. Ranil Nair in 2013, who by profession is a Management Consultant and in terms of Life Experience amongst other things – A Parent. As a father of two teenage children, a daughter & a son he often wondered why his daughter was a consistent performer throughout school, while on the other hand, his son’s academic performance was erratic at best. Given that all factors in terms of resources, family background, facilities were similar for both children – why the difference? Was there a difference in the level of intelligence amongst the two children? Strictly in terms of the annual report card it did seem so, but then in many other areas of learning like adapting to technology, operating various electronic gadgets, picking up new sports and even with organizational & people skills he noticed that his son displayed sharp acumen and an innate ability to take on challenges, persisting till he overcame them. Discussions with friends, colleagues, family members, school principles & teachers revealed that this was not an isolated problem rather it was quite widespread and parents, teachers, educators & academicians were all trying to grapple with it in ways that they deemed most appropriate. Encouraging, motivating, praising, incentivizing, cajoling, bribing, punishing are some of the more common methods used by parents and teachers alike to improve academic performance of children but as we are all aware these methods have a short term temporary impact at most and rarely result in long term desired change. Intensive study of some of the latest research findings in the areas of Meta cognition, student psychology, learning methodologies, and cognitive neuroscience provided some very exciting insights into the functioning of the human brain especially in relation to learning, understanding & application. How hard work, focus, persistence, commitment are not really the key ingredients of success, rather they are the by-products of something else – something much more POWERFUL - THE STATE OF MIND (MINDSET). On an intuitive level this is something that we have all been aware of for a long time but the latest research findings done in the last couple of years have dramatically improved our understanding of how our state of mind manifests itself physiologically – like in a particular state of mind when a student is confronted with a challenging question brain imaging show very little or no activity in the brain, whereas in a different state of mind when posed with the same challenging question the brain shows heightened activity, thus indicating that our state of mind dramatically affects our actions, our behavior and ultimately our ability to achieve our goals and realize our potential. Not only do we now know with much greater clarity the ‘WHAT’ & the ‘WHY’ but also ‘HOW’ we can use specific methods, techniques & strategies to develop the most appropriate STATE OF MIND to help realize our full potential. This learning & understanding is the basis of the methodology that is used at NAIR’S ACADEMY to help students learn and appreciate the fundamentals of MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, COMMERCE, ACCOUNTS, ECONOMICS, COMPUTER SCIENCE/APPLICATIONS & ENGLISH. The effort of every team member at NAIR’S ACADEMY to instill the appropriate mindset and provide relevant skillets to all its students apart from subject knowledge has shown some exciting results, not just in terms of increase in percentage marks scored but more importantly the confidence & the absolute belief that the students exhibit about their own abilities to learning. So though Mr.Ranil Nair does not claim to have found the perfect answer to all questions as this is an ongoing process, but the teaching methodology used at NAIR’S ACADEMY is based on the latest understanding of the HUMAN BRAIN and the scientifically validated tools techniques & strategies - WORK (as results from across the world have proved). As such we would like to invite every parent, teacher, educator & student to join us in this endeavor to help unleash the potential genius in each and every child to bring Joy, Wealth & Happiness not only for himself, his family, his country but HUMANITY AT LARGE .

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118/155 -A, Kaiser Bagh, Cantt Road (near Good Bakery), Ghasyari Mandi, Aminabad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001, India

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