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South Malaka, Prayagraj (Allahabad)

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Description of National Academy Of Commerce, South Malaka, Prayagraj (Allahabad)

Do you know that hospitals often get patient/attendants to sign blank forms or where the language is not comprehensible for common man? The patient or attendant is in such a state of anxiety that he/she signs wherever they are asked to without understanding the implication of what they are signing. And, later when the customer threatens legal action, these forms are flourished as evidence of consent from the patient/attendant. The same is the case with builders, financial companies offering loans, etc. The language is often couched in such a way that the person availing of the loan or the buyer of the house does not know what he/she is signing and is be fooled by the other party.

The objects for which the association is established are:

To inform, educate and organize consumers I order to secure, protect and preserve their interest and assert their rights as consumers of goods and services.

To assure that interests of consumers of goods (including agricultural products and produce), and services are promoted and protected and that they receive due consideration at appropriate Forums, Authorities, Tribunals, etc;

To mobilize public opinion in regard to Consumer goods (including agricultural products and product) and services;

To secure adequate representation of consumers’ interests in fixation or determination of prices of consumers goods(including agricultural products and produce) and services by Government, public sector undertakings, local bodies and other organizations;

To send representatives of NAC on Councils, Forums and any other body established by the Government or any semi Government bodies or Consumer Associations or Societies both in India and abroad;

To take such measures as may be necessary generally for the purpose of improving the quality of life;

To secure representation of consumer interest in the formation of economic plans or in the management of nationalized or State controlled industries or agricultural undertaking;

To provide, for undertake, aid and promote the study and evaluation of consumer goods, products and services and with that object to provide for and undertake testing, investigation and research of consumer goods, products and services;

To undertake consumer research to determine the needs of consumers and to circulate amongst the concerned persons information about the evaluation of consumer goods, products and needs;

To promote, aid and popularize the use of goods produced according to national and recognized standards and of quality controlled and certified consumer products both in India and abroad:

To co-operate with and assist various organizations and public authorities both in India and abroad in the formation and adoption of quality standards for consumer products and services, as well as of such standards as are necessary form the safety and health aspect in the interest of consumers;

To act in general as the voice of Consumer and to do all such things as would inform, educate, guide, protect, promote and secure consumer interest;

To protect consumer against environmental hazards caused by the industry, trade and government;

To endeavor to eradicate pollutions, including pollution of air water and noise;

To do all such acts and deeds as are required to be done and to exercise all such rights as are given to consumer organization under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and all other enactments, including amendments passed from time to time;

For the purpose aforesaid and in furtherance and implementation of the above objects to do and perform all such acts and deeds as may be expedient and conducive to the attainment thereof and to take all such steps as are incidental thereto and connected therewith and to adopt civil or criminal proceedings under the Constitution of India as the circumstances of the case may require.

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14, Sammelan Marg, Chandralok, South Malaka, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211001

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