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Description of EMC2 Education Services Pvt. Ltd., Kondhwa, Pune

Our company was created with a vision to attain best educational services. At Emc2, it is our constant endeavor to offer best teaching & services to highest level of customer satisfaction; through total quality management, pedagogy style and teaching customization techniques.Our priority still remains our consumers, who we believe are at the heart of our existence. While we are a global company with the highest track record in quality standards that are never compromised, we however, tailor our teaching to suit local needs and desires and ensure that our teaching are always at the right place and at the right time.We are marching towards our goal in this global competitive environment by religiously following the path of ethics, values, dedication, management excellence and enhanced social values.Quality is the cornerstone of our success of our pedagogy style is a non-negotiable priority for us.Our passion to excel in niche segment has given us a unique distinction in every facet of the EMC2. The testimonials received by us are great motivators to better our performance every moment.In todays dynamic market, with the given opportunities and challenges, we are guided by our core values and corporate motto Growth through innovation, a customer-centric approach and the relentless pursuit of excellence. I believe that future years to come will bring new optimism, new talent, improved attitudes, improved aptitudes, innovation and so on that will allow us to achieve greater heights.As a company we intend to remain committed to corporate and social responsibility. In all of our actions we strive to ensure that all economic, environmental and social factors are considered. We believe that this approach, driven by our principles of respect and involvement, makes us more responsible and informed as a company.Educational services Head office: - F 14 1st floor, Super Mall, Salunkh vihar Road, near Fakhiri Hills, Kondhwa pune-40 Branches: 1) A2 -504, near Viit college kondhwa Budurk Pune-48, 2) Amreteshwar Society Near Morwardi court Pimpri Pune-18 Vision: Your Success is our Moto Why EMC2: Scientific teaching methods and planning Chapter wise Notes, Practice Booklets Concept & Result oriented teaching Immediate feedback about student's performance Online Support with Stupidia to see overall student's progress Personal Attention 14 years of teaching Experience Reasons for failure in FE: Admission Procedure Limited Time & improper management Inefficiency of colleges, students Uncertain University paper pattern More examples - less theory Over confidence of students Incomplete teaching of syllabus in colleges Dear Students The response of Engineering Coaching classes for important & difficult engineering subjects has increased due to above reasons. Many of you were not able to give proper justice for scoring good percentage of marks during engineering career. According to the demand of industries, it is must to score minimum first class in exams. Reputed National and International Organizations demands throughout distinction candidates only. Precaution is better than cure Are you facing problems in study? Do you want to study regularly? Do you definitely want to pass in Pune university exams? Do you need personal guidance? Do you need to clear fundamentals of your subjects? Do you need to clear your concepts? , If you are facing the above mention difficulty join EMC2 today for your sure successCourse Students Features Fees Rs. BATCH 10 20 All students coming in batches. Degree 5000 Diploma 3000 GROUP Tuitions 2 6 According to group requirement Degree 8000 Diploma 4000 Personal Guidance 1 3 Attention towards student Degree 15000 Diploma 12000Rules & Regulations: Students should attend the classes & exams regularly as per the schedule. Fees once paid will be neither refunded nor transferred. Please maintain fees receipt for official reference. Come and leave at right time of your class. Maintain silence & discipline Personal Guidance rules & regulations vary from subject to subject. Important & Difficult Subjects: Year Semester I Semester II FE Common to all Branches M1 (Engg Maths), EG1 (Engg Graphics), BEE1 (Basic Electrical Engg), AS1 (Applied Science),BCE (Basic Civil Engg) , CP(Computer Programming) M2 (Engg Maths), EM (Engg Mechanics), BEE2 (Basic Electronics Engg), AS2 (Applied Science), BME (Basic Mechanical Engg) SE Mech M3 (Mathematical Methods), AT(Applied Thermodynamics), FM(Fluid Mechanics), TOM1 (Theory of Machines I),SME (Strength of Machine Elements), ET (Electrical Technology) SE Mech SW M3 (Mathematical Methods), SME(Strength of Machine Elements),TE1 (Thermal Engg - I), FM (Fluid Mechanics), MDCG (Machine Drawing & Computer Graphics) TMMD1 (Theory of Machines & Machine Design), TE2 (Thermal Engg II), MP (Manufacturing Engg) SE E&TC S&S (Signal and Systems), NA(Network analysis) M3, DS (Data Structure) SE - Electrical M3, ADE (Analog and Digital Techniques), EMI (Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation) EM1 (Electrical Machines I), NA(Network Analysis), MP(Microprocessor Fundamental & Applications) SE Civil M3, SOM (Strength Of Material), FM1(Fluid Mechanics), SA1(Structural Analysis - I) SE Comp DS (Discrete Structure), DSA(Data Structure and Algorithm) M3, MP (Microprocessors and Interfacing Techniques), DS (Data Structure) SE IT DS, FDS (Fundamentals of Data Structure) M3, DSF(Data Structure and Files) SE - Prod M3, HT&FE (Heat & Fluid Engineering), SME (Strength of Machine Elements) TOM (Theory of Machines), DME(Design of Machine Elements), ET(Electrical Technology) SE - Instru M3, LIC (Linear Integrated Circuit), DT(Digital Techniques) SE - Chem M3, FM (Fluid Mechanics) HT (Heat Transfer), MD (Principles of Design) SE Print M3, SOM (Strength of Material) MP (Microprocessor & microcontroller Techniques in printing) SE - Poly / Petro/ PetroChem SOM (Strength of Material), FM ( Momentum Transfer ) M3, HT (Heat Transfer) TE Mech MD1 (Machine Design I), HT (Heat Transfer), TOM2 (Theory of Machines II), CONM (Computer Oriented Numerical Methods) FMC (Fluid Machinery), MD2(Machine Design II), RAC(Refrigeration & Air Conditioning) TE Civil TOS2 (Theory of Structures - II),SD1 (Structural design I) SD2 (Structural design II) BE Mech DOM (Dynamics of Machinery),Mechatronics, GTJP CAD-CAM BE Civil SD3 (Structural Design III) D1 FY Diploma DM1 (Basic Maths), PHY(Physics), CHM (Chemistry), DED(Diploma Engg Graphics No exam) DM2 (Engg Maths), DAS (Applied Science), CS (Communication Skills) MECH Feedback from Students: Bharadawaz: I got 40 marks in M1. after joining EMC2 Classes, I got 78 in M2 & 83 in M3. I know my ability, but thanks for great score. Omkar: I am a student of Singhad college of engineering kondhwa. I got great marks in M1=83, M2=87. I am delighted to thank Rohit Sir for great support to keep me high. I am going to Join for M3 also second year subjects applied thermodynamics. Prabhanjan: I got 66 marks in Heat Transfer. Sinha Sir, EMC2 team is really a great team. They helped us 24/7during exam time, all our group to score more than 80 in third year engineering. As this is very necessary for us for getting good jobs/Psu/Higher Studies. Tejas: I cleared Basic Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Drawing, M1, M2, Engineering Mechanics FIRST year engineering subjects with very good percentage. Before joining the class I was not knowing a single topic of the above subjects, Rohit Sinha Sir helped us day and night to clear our concepts. I proud to say I am a Rohit Sinha Student. Thanks to god for giving me a wonderful teacher in my life. Shubham Parate: I am a rank holder in pune university doing engineering in VIIT Kondhwa because of Emc2 team and Sinha sir excellent teaching. Before Sinha sir class I was very scared about mathematics and my second and third year core subjects, but sir cleared all my fundamentals and basics. Rohit Sinha sir god for me. Parth: I got M1=62, M2= 78, EM= 82. I will definitely get more than 80 in M3 & SOM. I am proud to say that I am in EMC2. I wish to be here till my life long education. Mohammad Mustaffa: I am from Afgnistan. I am very week in English I was not able to understand in college, Last semester I was in SE with 5 backlogs After 5 attempts also, I was not being able to clear M2. I was having M1, M2, M3, EM, Engineering Drawing, as backlog subjects. I have to clear all 3 very difficult subjects to go for TE. Many many many many thanks to EMC2 team for clearing my subjects. Even I cleared SE also. Now I am very interested in not making mistakes in TE. Thanks for kind guidance. Chirag: Rohit Sinha sir best faculty in the world. He is a very good human being helping students solving their problems. I am only doing engg because he is with me. Thanku very much sir for teaching us. Shivani : May God bless Rohit Sinha Sir and team memebers. I am from MIT College of Engineering, Mechanical branch. After Diploma, I joined this college. I cleared all subjects of SE & TE, except only M3 (never take this subject lightly). I was YD for 2 years becase of M3. Rohit Sir helped me in clearing M3. Once again I request all of my friends to any classes (good like EMC2) for M3. Never believe yourself for M3, that I can do it. This is very dangerous subject. Now due to good hand in mathematics I am cracking campus interview, Psu ,and GATE exam also. Pranav Shinde: My Daughter is studying in Indira college. I don't the system how the exam papers are being set? She is a very good student ,cleared IIT Mains . My daughter is fed up with FE. She always started hating Engineering. I don't know what to do? She joined all classes in Pune, but couldn't being able to clear Maths. I just got Rohit Sir mobile no from just dial. I just clearly said the same thing to Sir. He said join our class you will see immediate change. After two days only I don't what is being happening, my daughter started studying regularly and finding the subjects interesting. Initially we joined, only for M2, thereafter I requested to teach all 6 subjects. Thanks to the team of EMC2, who created interest in learning the subject. About The Mentor: Prof. Rohit Sinha EduBTech/MTech Teaching Experience: 14 Yrs No of Students Success Ratio: 4963/5000

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No. F14, 1St Floor, Super Mall, Wanwori Kondhwa, Pune, 411048, India

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